Baby Sit, lie down and sleep

Comfort swing Candy (without adapter)

What a nice baby swing from Badabulle! The Baby Swing ensures that your child will sleep and swing well. It can be used from birth. In addition, the Badabulle baby swing contains 12 different melodies to calm your child. It has an adjustable volume so tha

€89,90 €89,90
Babymoov A050227 Lovenest Natural Care

A050227 Lovenest Natural Care anti allergy

€25,90 €25,90
Booster seat Nomade gray

Booster seat Nomade gray

Babymoov Cosypad Smokey A050415

Cosypad Smokey A050415

€39,90 €39,90
Babymoov Deck Chair Graphic A012433 Grey - 79 x 40 x 17 cm

The ideal lounger for the ultimate comfort of the baby
from birth!

€69,90 €79,90
Babymoov Headrest Lovenest Original Smokey A050214 Light Gray - 24 x 23 x 3 cm

Lovenest original smokey.A slight slope and a specific shape, to ensure the distribution of pressure on the child's skull and to ensure that the head stays nicely round. PREVENTS FLAT MAIN SYNDROME.

€22,90 €24,90
Babymoov Travel high chair / Up & Go high chair A009404 Gray - 27 x 29 x 40 cm

The first travel child seat that is very compact and adjustable in height!

€39,99 €49,95