Privacy Policy

Since you trust our company, we will protect your privacy. This page informs you about the data we use for our website, why we keep this data and how we improve your experience on our website.

Please be aware tha 4 gooddeals isn't responsible for the privacy policy of other websites or sources. Using this website you declare to accept our privacy policy.
4gooddeals respects the privacy of his users and will take care treating all personal information confidentionally.

Assembling and use of personal data

Using our services
When you sign up, you will be asked to deliver some personal data. This data will be used to accomplish your demand. The data will be saved on the protected servers of 4gooddeals and will not be combined with other personal data available to us.

When you send an email or other message, it is possible we save these messages so we can answer and follow-up your demand/request. This data will be saved on the protected servers of 4 gooddeals and will not be combined with other personal data available to us. 

We assemble data for research to receive a better view on our clients, so we can tune up with our services.  
Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user's individual client PC in order to enable the technical operation of this website.
The generated information from the use of our website will be transfered to the protected servers of 4gooddeals and plazza group. 

We don't assemble information for other objects than the object described in this privacy policy unless you gave us your permission to do so. 

Third parties
Your personal data will never be distributed to third parties. Our contributors are obliged to protect the confidence of your personal data. 

This privacy policy has been tuned up for the use of this site. Changes of the site can lead to changes of the prviacy policy. Therefore, it would be usefull to check this page regularly.

Personal data
We offer the visitor of our website the possibility to watch, change or delete all personal data known by us. 

Change/Unsubscribe newsletter
Beneath each email you have the option to change or unsubscribe the newsletter. 

Change/Unsubscribe communication
If you like to change your data or will be deleted from our files, please contact us. You will find the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Disable Cookies 
Most browsers accept cookies. However you can code your browser to refuse cookies. Please be aware that some functions of our and other websites are disabled too.

Requests and feedback
You can contact us:
Zuiderring 64 Bus 1 3600 Genk - Belgium
0032 (0)11 812882
[email protected]