Shipping and returns

If the return concerns a warranty, fill in the return form and check the warranty terms of the product (see product file).
The replacement under warranty condition will be the same product if available or a simular product if the product isn't available anymore.
Cash back of warranty will never expand the purchase amount and will only be related to the product itself.

Warranty declines if:

- You have damaged the product. Or the product has been damaged due to falling, bolt of lightning, damp, strike or pressure.
- Damage by fire, vandalism, theft, natural disaster.
- The product has been opened, changed or abused. 
- Repairs performed by a non approved fixer.
- The product has been used for not intended aims. 
- Damage by overheating or a higher wattage dan prescribed. 

Return Procedure - right of withdrawal:

1. Download the return form (see above), fill in and send by mail to [email protected]

2. Wait for our confirmation with instructions by mail.

3.In the instructions you will be asked to send back the goods or to wait for a shipping from us. 

4. The cash back for a return who meets the conditions of the right of withdrawal will be achieved within 14 days. 

Company details:

Zuiderring 64 Bus 1
3600 Genk (Belgium)
Tel. 0032 (0)11 812882
Email:[email protected]
BTW BE 0823.881.376